What it Costs
Back-End Development

What it Costs

We fundamentally believe that cost should be aligned with the value delivered. This is one of the reasons we worked so hard to incorporate payments into Tuvoli. With integrated payments, we are able to charge a fee with each booking rather than a subscription fee that is due even if an aircraft is down for maintenance or on an extended owner trip. We believe in alignment. This also means that you are not paying per-tail to list your aircraft, so there is no reason not to list your entire fleet.

There is no cost to join Tuvoli, only the requirement that you establish a bank account. The fee we charge to use our platform is charged per-trip and is split 50/50 between the buyer and the seller. Each party is charged an incremental 1/2 percent of the transaction. It is up to each company whether they wish to absorb this cost or pass it along to their customer. On an average charter trip with a wholesale price of $15,000, the cost would be $75 each to the buyer and seller.

Our goal is to grow the industry through better processes. This revenue model gives us every incentive to help everyone on Tuvoli book more trips.